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What to see in Valldemosa


Located in the western part of Majorca, it is believed that the town is named after the person who built one of the first "farms" from which the village began to develop around. The name of the developer was Mussa. Over the years, ValldeMussa (the valley of Mussa) would become the name of the town. This town is situated with in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and is adorned by a number of narrow streets. It also features a church dating back to the 13th century, which was completely renovated in the 16th century. Its main charm is the Carthusian Monastery where famous composer Chopin and his wife George Sand lived and inspired a number of their works.

  • La cartuja de Valldemosa gran isla hotels

    The Royal Carthusian Monastery

    A hidden palace
    King Jaime II was the one who chose this spot at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains range, more than 400 metres high to build a palace for his son Sancho, which currently it belongs to the village. A simple must visit of this charming mountainous landscape.


  • monastery miramar gran isla hotels

    The Miramar Monastery

    Ramón Llull school
    The famous Majorcan martyr Ramón Llull lived at this beautiful spot for 4 years, which later became a school of Arabic and Llullian art for monks. Since then, it was a printing press, famous for being the place where the first book was printed in Majorca.


  • Hermitage of the Holy Trinity gran isla hotels

    Holy Trinity Hermitage

    An awe-inspiring viewpoint

    A couple of miles outside of the village, you can find the Holy Hermitage Trinity, which dates back to 1703 and was founded by the famous Majorcan Joan Miro. It provides incredible panoramic views of the surrounding natural landscapes right in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains.


  • Port of Valldemosa gran isla hotels

    Port of Valldemosa

    The charming fishing port
    A medium difficulty hike through the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range towards Mediterranean Sea, leads to a picturesque port, where tradition still reigns supreme as local fishermen spend their days seeking the freshest seafood in the area.